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RealFevr not only promises but always delivers and now it offers you the chance to “travel” to France and enter the pitch of the 2016 European Championship.

As always, your Fantasista, will risk body and limbs and take all the necessary risks so that you have an unforgettable performance. Let’s “make beautiful things.”

Between your League NOS and UEFA Champions League hangovers, this competition differs by its shorter and compact nature where the games come at a breakneck pace. A bit like the intense summer love born of a heartbreak of another long and lasting relationship.

For those who have participated in the other two competitions, it works exactly the same way. For the newbies, a quick overview:

– Basically, you have a budget of € 100m to build a squad of 15 players;

– You will have, at most, three players from each national squad. This number increases as squads are eliminated;

– Choose your starting 11, the tactical formation, Captain, who will have double points and his Vice-Captain, in case the first misses the call.

– You cannot make substitutions within the round but you will have the classic free transfer between each gameweek of the group stage, being possible to roll one over for the following gameweek;

– In more advanced stages, you will have extra free transfers to replace eliminated players;

As usual, players score depending on their performance on the pitch. However, RealFevr debuts its partnership with OPTA Stats, allowing us to extract greater value from previously neglected picks in this kind of fantasy leagues and their scoring systems:

– 1pt for every 5 recovered balls (Defenders, Midfielders and Forwards)
Great for players like Eric Dier or even those big backs in teams with lots of possession, that recover the ball with ease in pressure situations immediately after losing possession;

– 1pt for every 2 saves (Goalkeeper)
With 1pt for 3 saves being the standard, this change brings added value to the choice of keeper, opening the door for cheaper options but with an expected high volume of work.

When it comes to strategy, real-life managers have made “The path is made by walking it” fashionable to say, but here we facing a fork on the road…
Do we play “only” with 11, or do we take advantage of the 15 rosters spots through a rotation? These are two valid theories that deserve to be explored in detail.

In the first case, “heavy” in fantasy slang, the largest portion of the budget is allocated to the starting lineup and the bench completed with the so-called “cheapos.”

Alternatively, you can build a rounded squad – a.k.a. “balanced” – thinking of the different fixtures throughout the group stage, so that you can conceive a rotation model dependent on the expected difficulty of each game for your artists. This is a topic I promise to develop in greater detail before the competition starts.

With transfers, the ones jumping first at a given player continue to benefit, taking into account the increases and decreases in price which are linked to the market’s flow.

Striking early at next week’s transfers is a very effective way to rack up your budget, watching the appreciation of the player in question, while also benefiting from the points earned in the field.

The very best, I kept for the end. Who doesn’t like to win something?

Many may be satisfied with winning their respective Private League (who doesn’t like to beat their friends?) but getting a serious prize along the way is always a nice thing.

RealFevr presents another novelty, debuting its partnership with PlayStation: A PS4 console (1TB) for winners of the 7 gameweeks that make up this Euro 2016.

This partnership with the Main Sponsor doesn’t stop here. In each round there will be prizes up to the 30th best and with the final Ranking there will be 100 winners in total, with the overall winner taking home a PS4 and also a Smartphone, iOS or Android according to the winner’s preference. This summer is looking great!

And don’t worry. Fantasista “works” for RealFevr, therefore I could never beat you to any of the prizes.

I’m in it only for the bragging rights!



Pedro Maia became the "Fantasista" in 2013, when he started working as a fantasy tipster for After a transfer to RealFevr in the beginning of 2015, he was on loan at GoalPoint for the remainder of the season, returning home with the quality assurance of the recent runner-up in the UEFA Champions League Fantasy, a Top500 finisher in the FPL and a Top10 finisher in the previous Euro U21 Fantasy.

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