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Now that the competitions in Spain, Portugal and in the rest of Europe are getting in the final stage we thought that it was time to spread this fever across the Atlantic. We are not talking about the Carnival, or of any Portuguese kings in exile, nor criminals looking for a tropical country with no extradition agreements, nor jokes about portuguese and argentinians, or bakeries, or codfish or olive oil. And definitely not soap opera actors. Nothing like that. It’s something much better than all of that. It’s something way better than all that stuff combined.

If you are reading this, and because you’re a smart guy, you probably already figured it out what we’re talking about. We are going to take fantasies to South America. And we’re going to begin with a competition that has been highly neglected in the fantasy space: Libertadores. Or, as we thoughtfully baptized it in our platform: Liberta Fevr. And this is just to warm up (it’s still summer in the southern hemisphere, after all) for what’s coming.

Pick your team and try not to get tempted to pick players that have already been in Europe. Ask around. As the Brazilians say, go check who is “mitando” (becoming a myth).

Check the competition format as well. This competition has the peculiarity of having overlapping game weeks. That made us develop a total new fantasy experience, different from any other in our platform. You will be able to manage the same team with different line-ups in different game weeks that will be running simultaneously. And with all the functionalities that you’re already used to: real time results, automatic and manual substitutions… The usual.

We’ve also slightly changed the scoring system for this competition. We’ve replaced the “Tackles Won” stat with “Blocked Shots“. Why? “Tackles Won” is highly distributed across defenses and mid-fielders. We went looking for a meaningful stat that happens more with defensive players and we concluded that “Blocked Shots” was that stat. This will be the first competition where we’ll use this new scoring system. In the next competitions that we will debut it is expected that these changes be present, as well as others. We are looking for the best soccer fantasy model ever. And when we believe we’ve found it we will just try to make it even better.

Enough said. Go create your team and get ready for a real competition. There’s only…

a few hours left

…until Liberta Fevr begins. And you will not want to loose points because you didn’t have a team since the first game week, will you?

Go play,

The RealFevr Team

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