New Feature: Manual Substitutions

New feature: Manual Substitutions

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You asked for it, we’ve done it!
Now you can do manual substitutions during matchdays.

We convinced our developers to implement this new feature, soon to be in all competitions on our platform.

This new feature will be active for the Portuguese League from the Gameweek 10 and for La Liga de los Ases (Spanish League) from Gameweek 11. For the ChampsFevr – Champions Fantasy League and EuropaFevr – Europa Fantasy League this feature will be active on Gameweek 5.

Now you can have more control over your team. And the choices you make have more impact on your score. So that your friends can’t hide behind that you’re the champion just because you were “lucky”.

Let’s break it down. In the first place, manual substitutions are not mandatory. If you want to, you can just leave your team as it is, automatic substitutions will still work. A player on your starting XI that doesn’t play at all, is still replaced by a player on your bench that played in that gameweek. How you set you bench defines the order in which players are picked to enter.

If you’re one of those people that think that automatic substitutions are the worst thing that happened in the history of the automobile, maybe you don’t want to leave to chance the decision of who plays and who doesn’t. That’s what manual substitutions are for. And how do you use them? That’s simple. In the moment you do a manual substitution, they are active (for that gameweek). If you don’t do anything else, automatic substitutions are in place when the gameweek is over.

The players on the bench that haven’t played yet can replace someone from your starting eleven. Even when the 11 players on the pitch have already played. The only exception are the players that got a red card. You can’t replace someone that got sent off of the game. That would be unfair.

Manual substitutions

This means that if you have a forward that didn’t do anything in a game, you can replace him for a player that is on your bench. Bear in mind: if the substitute does an even worse job than the guy you pulled out of the field, you can’t revert your decision. You can only replace him for another player that hasn’t played yet. And that’s it. In a nutshell, it’s like this: he’s on the bench and hasn’t played? He can go in. He’s on the bench and has already played (or his game has started)? No can do.

Another advantage is that you can change your captain. You know that captain’s points are doubled, so that’s important. If your captain has disappointed you, maybe it’s time to pass the responsibility to someone else. The new captain must also be someone that hasn’t played yet. And if your new captain captain disappoints and gets a red card, forget about it. He gets the red card and the captain’s armband.

One other thing: with manual substitutions there is no longer a vice-captain.

This new feature will allow you to define different strategies and won’t let your team be ruled by luck. For instance, if a gameweek starts on a Friday and only ends on a Monday, you can pick your starting 11 with players that play Friday or Saturday, leaving on the bench players that play Sunday or Monday. This way you’ll have time to replace Friday’s and Saturday’s disappointments. Another edge given to users in having players on different days, is that you can change your captain on those days, increasing yours odds of success. No more crying over points left on the bench or because you picked the wrong captain.

Now go on and try this new feature because we really had a lot of work implementing it:

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