Our first Draft pick: You!

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As promised since the beginning of the season, it is with great pride and joy (and also a bit of relief, to be honest) that we announce the most anticipated news in our platform: Draft Leagues.

For those of you who only know RealFevr since about 6 months ago, and are probably scratching your heads asking “Draft Leagues? What’s that?”, it’s simple: Draft Leagues are one of our favorite fantasy game modes. To be honest, even a little more than the Classic Leagues. And you, who don’t miss a game week, not even a single game, and are always trying to make every point that you can make, are also going to love this new game mode.

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What are the main differences?

1. In Classic Leagues anyone can pick any player of the competition for his team. In Draft Leagues you play against 9 friends or 9 strangers in public and private leagues. But only against those 9.

2. In Classic Leagues anyone can pick any player of a competition for his team. In a Draft League your players are only yours. And no one else’s. If you have Ronaldo, only you have Ronaldo.

3. In Classic Leagues you can make a team at any time with any player and play against every one in public leagues or against your friends in a private league. In Draft Leagues, well, there is an actual draft. At a specific time, set by the league’s commissioner, a random picking order is set to know who’s turn is it to pick a player. Then, you take turns in picking players. One at a time. Until all the members of the league have enough players for their teams.

4. In Classic Leagues you have a budget and a fixed number of free transfers per game week. In Draft Leagues you have a transfer market. You can trade the players on your team with players that are free or with players from your opponents teams.

…And there are more differences. Our advise is to try it out and check for yourself. We guarantee that it is a totally different and absolutely exciting experience!

For those of you that are with us since we started and that were anxious for the comeback of the Draft Leagues: thank you. Your messages, comments, e-mails, tweets are what motivate us to continue to build the best soccer fantasy leagues platform ever. With as many competitions as possible. With the most exciting game modes. And most of all with more than what we already have: the best fantasy gamers in the world. You.

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